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The founders of our company have more than 9 years of experience in the international logistics industry.   In addition to professional transportation services, we also have long-term cooperation with well-known Chinese factories in various foreign trade industries, such as cosmetics, cosmetic packaging materials, clothing, furniture, lamps, LED products, pet supplies, toys, vapes, electronics, and more.


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International Express

Besides, we can help cooperative customers introduce high-quality suppliers in the industry in which the customer is engaged for free.

We have air charter services to Europe and the United States every year, as well as the fastest Matson service to the United States. Diversified logistics transportation solutions and competitive logistics freight can help customers save 3%-5% of logistics freight every year.


Company Profile

Shenzhen Senghor Sea & Air Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern logistics enterprise located in Shenzhen. Our global agency network covers more than 80 port cities, and has shipped to more than 100 cities and regions in the world. 

We have four main international logistics services: international sea freight, international air freight, international railway transport and international express. We provide diversified and customizable logistics and transportation solutions for Chinese foreign trade export enterprises and overseas buyers of international trade.

Whether it is international sea freight, international air freight or international rail freight services, we can provide door-to-door services of transportation plus destination customs clearance and delivery, making customers' procurement and shipment easier.

We have more than 100 business partners and nearly a thousand successful cooperation cases.

At the same time, we have warehouses in major port cities in China.

Through our local warehouses, we can help customers gather goods

from multiple different suppliers for centralized shipment, simplify customers' work, and save customers' logistics costs.