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Aerial view of cargo ships that run in the middle of the sea are transported container to the port. Import export and shipping business logistic and transportation of International by ship

Sea Freight

Different type of container different maximum capacity for loading.

Type of container Container inner dimensions(Meters) Maximum Capacity (CBM)
20GP/20 feet Length:5.898 Meter
Width: 2.35 Meter
Height:2.385 Meter
40GP/40 feet Length:12.032 Meter
Width: 2.352 Meter
Height:2.385 Meter
40HQ/40 feet high cube Length:12.032 Meter
Width: 2.352 Meter
Height:2.69 Meter
45HQ/45 feet high cube Length:13.556 Meter
Width: 2.352 Meter
Height:2.698 Meter
Container ships docked in the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Sea shipping type:

  • FCL (full container load), in which you purchase one or more full containers to ship.
  • LCL, ( less than container load), is when you may not have enough merchandise to fill an entire container. The contents of the container are separated once more, reaching their destination.

We support special container sea shipping service too.

Type of container Container inner dimensions(Meters) Maximum Capacity (CBM)
20 OT (Open Top Container )  Length:5.898 Meter

Width: 2.35 Meter

Height:2.342 Meter

40 OT (Open Top Container )  Length:12.034 Meter

Width: 2.352 Meter

Height:2.330 Meter

20FR (Foot frame folding plate)  Length:5.650 Meter

Width: 2.030 Meter

Height:2.073 Meter

20FR(Plate-frame folding plate)  Length:5.683 Meter

Width: 2.228 Meter

Height:2.233 Meter

40FR(Foot frame folding plate)  Length:11.784 Meter

Width: 2.030 Meter

Height:1.943 Meter

40FR(Plate-frame folding plate)  Length:11.776 Meter

Width: 2.228 Meter

Height:1.955 Meter

20 Refrigerated Container  Length:5.480 Meter

Width: 2.286 Meter

Height:2.235 Meter

40 Refrigerated Container  Length:11.585 Meter

Width: 2.29 Meter

Height:2.544 Meter

20ISO TANK Container  Length:6.058 Meter

Width: 2.438 Meter

Height:2.591 Meter

40 Dress hanger Container  Length:12.03 Meter

Width: 2.35 Meter

Height:2.69 Meter


How does it work about sea shipping service?

  • Step 1) You share us your basic goods information (Products name/Gross weight/Volume/supplier's location/Door delivery address/Goods ready date/Incoterm) .(If you can provide these detailed information, it will be helpful for us to check the best solution and accurate freight cost for your budget.)
  • Step 2) We provide you the freight cost with suitable vessel schedule for your shipment.
  • Step 3) You confirm with our freight cost and provide us with your supplier's contact information, we will further confirm other information with your supplier.
  • Step 4) According to your supplier's correct goods ready date, they will fill out our booking form to arrange to book the suitable vessel schedule.
  • Step 5) We release the S/O to your supplier. When they finish your order, we will arrange truck pick up an empty container from the port and finish loading
senghor logistics sea shipping process1
senghor logistics sea shipping process112
  • Step 6) We will handle customs clearance process from China customs after the container released by China customs.
  • Step 7) We load your container on board.
  • Step 8) After the vessel departs from Chinese port, we will send you B/L copy and you can arrange to pay our freight.
  • Step 9) When the container reach at destination port in your country, our local agent will handle customs clearance and send you the tax bill.
  • Step 10) After you pay the customs bill, our agent will make an appointment with your warehouse and arrange truck delivery of the container to your warehouse on time.

Why choose us? (Our advantage for shipping service)

  • 1) We have our network in all main port cities in China. Port of loading from Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Ningbo/Shanghai/Xiamen/Tianjin/Qingdao/HongKong/Taiwan are available for us.
  • 2) We have our warehouse and branch at all main port city in China. Most of our clients like our consolidation service very much.
  • We help them consolidate different suppliers' goods loading and shipping for once. Ease their work and save their cost.
  • 3) We have our chartered flight to USA and Europe every week. It's cheaper a lot than commercial flights. Our chartered flight and our sea freight cost can save your shipping cost at least 3-5% per year.
  • 4) IPSY/HUAWEI/Walmart/COSTCO use our logistics supply chain for 6 years already.
  • 5) We have the fastest sea shipping carrier MATSON. By using MATSON plus direct truck from LA to all USA inland addresses, it is cheaper a lot than by air but faster a lot than general sea shipping carriers.
  • 6) We have DDU/DDP sea shipping service from China to Australia/Singapore/Philippines/Malaysia/Thailand/Saudi Arabia/Indonesia/Canada.
  • 7) We can provide you with our local clients' contact information who used our shipping service. You can talk with them to know more about our service and company.
  • 8) We will buy sea shipping insurance to make sure your goods are very safe.
Container ship with a crane in the port of Riga, Latvia. Close-up

If you want to get a best logistics solution and freight cost from us as soon as possible, what kind of information you need to provide to us?

What's your product?

Goods weight and volume ?

Suppliers location in China?

Door delivery address with post code in destination country.

What's your incoterms with your supplier? FOB OR EXW?

Goods ready date?

Your name and email address?

If you have WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype, please provide it to us. Easy for communication online.