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DDP shipping freight forwarder ship atomization device China to South Africa by sea and by air

DDP shipping freight forwarder ship atomization device China to South Africa by sea and by air

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Load the container every Friday, and departure on next Wednesday, ETA: 25-30 days to port and about another 5 days to Johannesburg warehouse.

We accept shipping compartment food container, DIY toys, bicycle light, cycling glasses, RC Drone, mic, camera, pet toys, toys, bicycle helmet, bicycle bag, bicycle bottle cage, bicycle pedal, bicycle phone holder, bicycle rearview mirror, bicycle repair tool, baby piano mat, silicone tableware, headset, mouse, binoculars, walkie talkie, diving mask, etc.

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You might need a reliable partner when you want to send cargo from China to South Africa. We are more than your typical logistics company for sea cargo and air cargo.

Personal import? No problem.

In the past ten years, we have worked with buyers or purchasers in companies, but we also have encountered some customers that are personal importers or just start from small quantities for their business, and they do not have the import right. In Senghor Logistics, our DDP service is the best for them.

We understand that it can be quite a difficult task to clear your shipment from customs. So we take care of this part for you. Our sea freight or air freight service from China to Johannesburg, South Africa will help deliver your products safely and on time.

All you need to do is to offer the contact information of your supplier. We will communicate with them about the product orders, and help you check all the data by sorting out the packing list in case of some loss.


Multiple Suppliers? No problem.

If you have several suppliers, consolidation service is a good choice. We have warehouses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Yiwu, which can help you collect your goods from different factories and ship them once. We believe the shipping process from China to Johannesburg, South Africa is more streamlined to you in this way. And it can save your shipping cost, so many customers like this service very much.

1senghor logistics both-side customs clearance

Let me guess which kind of products you may import. Atomization device, Compartment food container, DIY toys, Bicycle light, Cycling glasses, RC Drone, Mic, Camera, Pet toys, toys, Bicycle helmet, Bicycle bag, Bicycle bottle cage, Bicycle pedal, Bicycle phone holder, Bicycle rearview mirror, Bicycle repair tool, Baby piano mat, Silicone tableware, Headset, Mouse, Binoculars, Walkie talkie, Diving mask, or others. We are available for various goods types. Warmly welcome inquiry!

We will make the most suitable shipping solution according to your requirement for reference, and our quotation is transparent. In South Africa, our warehouses are located in Johannesburg, Capetown and also can ship to door.

(Please offer the accurate address to our staff to check whether it is delivered for free.)

After service? No problem.

Senghor Logistics values every cooperation with customers, and we wish the cooperation is not only once.

After you decide to use our service, we keep you informed about every aspect of your shipment via our customer service team. Leave the transport work to us and easily get your goods shipped from China. If there is emergency, we will respond quickly and solve problems, and try our best to minimize the losses caused by emergencies. 

In order to better help your business, we will provide you with valuable industry information and freight prices for your budget regularly. We hope that we will have more cooperation in the future. Nothing is more important than your recognition of us. Fill in the blank below and start your inquiry NOW!

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