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Door to door delivery freight rates transport pet products from China to UK by Senghor Logistics

Door to door delivery freight rates transport pet products from China to UK by Senghor Logistics

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Senghor Logistics has extensive experience in shipping from China to the UK. One of our VIP customers is a British customer who is engaged in the pet products industry, and we have been cooperating with him for nearly 10 years. Therefore, we are very clear about the process and documentation for shipping pet supplies, and can even provide you with some useful information, such as supplier resources, current shipping status, and forecasts.

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At Senghor Logistics, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in facilitating door-to-door movement of all types of goods from China to the UK. One of our valued customers has been working with us for nearly ten years and is in the pet products industry. Over the years, we have continuously refined our processes to specifically meet the unique requirements of pet product shipping, ensuring that our customers' goods are transported smoothly and efficiently.

So what makes British customers cooperate with us for so long?

Resources and strength

Senghor Logistics is a member of WCA and has established long-term partnerships with shipping companies such as MSC, COSCO, EMC, ONE, HPL, and ZIM, as well as airlines such as TK, EK, CA, O3, and CZ, ensuring sufficient space and first-hand freight prices and our shipping rates are cheaper than the market.

Sea freight and air freight services from China to the UK are one of our advantageous services. We are serving customers who are engaged in fast-moving consumer products such as clothing, which have high timeliness requirements. We regularly ship from China to LHR Airport in London, UK, and deliver door-to-door every week.

So no matter what timeliness requirements you have for your products, we have corresponding solutions to match you.

Take care of every step

We coordinate pickup, storage, customs clearance, and door to door delivery to make sure your shipment departs and arrives as per plan from China to UK.

For your first cooperation, please provide us with your cargo information (product name, weight & volume, carton number, dimension, supplier location in China, door delivery address, your incoterm with your supplier, goods ready date) and pet product supplier contact information. We will then check the cargo data with your Chinese supplier and coordinate pickup, delivery and documentation. During this period, you only need to confirm the relevant documents, fees, processes, and other matters, and there is no need to worry about local transportation arrangements in China and the UK.

Our clients entrust us with their logistics needs and trust in our ability to handle their goods with the utmost care and professionalism. This ongoing relationship allows us to gain valuable insight into the complexities of shipping pet products and we are committed to sharing our expertise with businesses looking to ship similar goods from China to the UK.

Rich experience

The founder team has rich freight service experience. Till 2023, they have been working in the industry with 8-13 years. In the past, each of them had been backbone figures and followed up many complex projects, such as exhibition logistics from China to Europe and America, complex warehouse control and door to door logistics, air charter project logistics; Principal of VIP customer service group, highly praised and trusted by customers.

When shipping pet supplies, we understand the importance of adhering to specific regulations and guidelines to ensure these products are shipped safely and legally. From meeting documentation requirements to staying current on the latest industry standards, our wealth of knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive support to our clients.

One-stop service

Senghor Logistics provides overseas customs clearance, tax declaration, door-to-door delivery and other services, providing customers with a one-stop full DDP, DDU, DAP logistics experience. Overseas delivery locations include business centers, private residences, Amazon warehouses, etc.

We learned that online spending on pets in the UK continues to grow steadily, and pet owners’ annual spending on online shopping will increase by 12%. If you are an e-commerce seller of pet products, our freight services can also support your business. When sales are high and time is tight, air shipping can help your store replenish new products in time to prevent sales from declining. 

Whether shipping by air or sea, we tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring your pet products arrive at their destination in a timely manner without compromising service quality.

2024 The 11th Shenzhen International Pet Products Exhibition and Global Pet Industry Cross-Border E-commerce Fair will be held in Shenzhen in mid-March 2024. We hope to see you there and welcome to the Senghor Logistics office to visit and communicate.

As we continue to raise our service standards, we remain committed to providing unparalleled support to businesses in the pet products industry. All in all, Senghor Logistics is a trustworthy and reliable ally for businesses looking to ship pet products from China to the UK. With our deep experience, extensive network of resources, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we have the ability to simplify your cargo transportation journey. Contact us today to start a seamless and efficient door-to-door delivery experience.

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