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From June 3 to June 6, Senghor Logistics received Mr. PK, a customer from Ghana, Africa. Mr. PK mainly imports furniture products from China, and the suppliers are usually in Foshan, Dongguan and other places. We have also provided him with many freight services from China to Ghana.

Mr. PK has been to China many times. Because he has undertaken some projects such as local governments, hospitals, and apartments in Ghana, he needs to find some suitable suppliers to serve his new projects in China this time.

We accompanied Mr. PK visited a supplier of various sleeping supplies such as beds and pillows. The supplier is also a partner of many well-known hotels. According to the needs of his projects, we also visited a supplier of smart IoT home products with him, including smart door locks, smart switches, smart cameras, smart lighting, smart video doorbells, etc. After the visit, the customer bought some samples to try out, hoping to bring us good news in the near future as well.

On June 4, Senghor Logistics took the customer to visit Shenzhen Yantian Port, and the staff warmly welcomed Mr. PK. In the Yantian Port exhibition hall, under the introduction of the staff, Mr. PK learned about the history of Yantian Port and how it developed from an unknown small fishing village to today's world-class port. He was full of praise for Yantian Port, and used "impressive" and "amazing" to express his shock many times.

As a natural deep-water port, Yantian Port is the preferred port for many super-large ships, and many Chinese import and export routes will choose to call at Yantian. Since Shenzhen and Hong Kong are across the sea, Senghor Logistics can also handle goods shipped from Hong Kong. According to the needs of customers, we can also provide more options for customers when they ship in the future.

With the expansion and development of Yantian Port, the port is also accelerating its digital transformation. We look forward to Mr. PK coming to witness it with us next time.

On June 5 and 6, we arranged a trip for Mr. PK to visit Zhuhai suppliers and Shenzhen used car markets. He was very satisfied and found the products he wanted. He told us that he had placed orders for more than a dozen containers with the suppliers he had cooperated with before, and asked us to arrange for him to ship the goods to Ghana after they were ready.

Mr. PK is a very pragmatic and steady person, and he is very goal-oriented. Even when he was eating, he was seen talking on the phone about business. He said that their country will have a presidential election in December, and he also has to prepare for related projects, so he is very busy this year. Senghor Logistics is very honored to cooperate with Mr. PK so far, and the communication during the period is also very efficient. We hope to have more cooperation opportunities in the future and provide customers with more comprehensive services.

If you are interested in freight forwarding services from China to Ghana, or other countries in Africa, please contact us.

Post time: Jun-05-2024