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China's traditional festival Spring Festival (February 10, 2024 - February 17, 2024) is coming. During this festival, most suppliers and logistics companies in mainland China will have a holiday.

We would like to announce that the Chinese New Year holiday period of Senghor Logistics is from February 8th to February 18th, and we will work on Monday, February 19th.

If you have any shipping inquiries, please contact our email. Our staff will reply as soon as possible after seeing it.


The Spring Festival is one of the important festivals for the Chinese people, and the holidays are also very long. During this period, we reunite with our families, enjoy delicious food, go to the market, and practice customs such as giving out red envelopes, pasting Spring Festival couplets, and hanging lanterns.

This year is the Year of the Dragon. The dragon is of great significance in China. We believe there will be many grand scenes and activities this year. If there are related Spring Festival events in your city, you may wish to go and watch them. If you take good photos and videos, please share them with us.

Taking advantage of the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, Senghor Logistics also wishes you good luck and all the best. Let us continue to serve you after the holidays!

Post time: Feb-06-2024