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Jackie is one of my USA customers who said I am always her first choice. We knew each other since 2016, and she just started her business from that year. Undoubtedly, she needed a professional freight forwarder to help her shipping goods from China to USA door to door. I always answer her questions patiently per my professional experience.

At the very beginning, I helped Jackie shipping a LCL shipment which was from three suppliers in Guangdong China. And I needed to collect suppliers goods in our China warehouse and then shipped it to Baltimore for Jackie. I remembered that when I received one of the book supplier whose cartons were broken a lot during the raining days. To protect the products well, I contacted Jackie to advise her making the goods in pallets for shipping. And Jackie agreed my suggestion at once. Jackie sent an email to thank me when she received her goods perfectly, which also made me happy.

In 2017, Jackie opened a store in Dallas Amazon. Certainly our company can help her on that. Shenzhen Senghor Sea & Air Logistics is good in door to door service including FBA shipping service to USA, Canada and Europe. We’ve handled many FBA shipments for our clients. Based on my many years of experience as a freight forwarder, I know well all the progress of shipments to Amazon. As usual, I picked up those suppliers’ goods as consolidation. And I needed to help Jackie make FBA labels on the cartons and also make the pallets according to USA Amazon standard, without one of these Amazon will reject to receiving the goods. We will not let such of thing happen. Generally speaking, we need to make an appointment with Amazon for delivery when the goods arrived Dallas.

senghor logistics shipping from china to usa

But unfortunately, this shipment was chosen to be inspected by USA customs. We offered the documents as USA customs requested to finish the checking as soon as possible. We met a bad news that this shipment needed to be waiting about one month waiting for checking due to many goods were lining up. To avoid such higher warehouse storage fee in USA custom bonded warehouse, we sent the goods to our USA agent own warehouse which was with cheap warehouse storage fee. And Jackie was extremely appreciated for us on that. Finally, the goods was finished checking. After that we delivered the goods to Dallas Amazon successfully.

In the same year of 2017, we helped Jackie shipping goods from China to UK Amazon warehouse which was her new business in United Kingdom. However, Jackie needed to ship those goods from UK Amazon warehouse to her Baltimore warehouse in USA because it was not good selling in UK. Of course we can handle this shipment for Jackie. We have our own good cooperated agents in UK and USA. Shenzhen Senghor Sea & Air Logistics not only can ship from China to Worldwide, but also can handle shipments from other countries to Worldwide. We will always offer the best solution to our clients to save cost for them.

We have worked together about 8 years till 2023. What makes Jackie choose me always. Jackie gives me a highly appraise as below reasons before.

senghor logistics american customer review

The core of Shenzhen Senghor Sea & Air Logistics is to help our clients’ business getting better and better to achieve our win-win goal. As a freight forwarder, what makes us happy is that we can be friend and business cooperator with our customers. We can help each other to grow up and develop stronger.

Post time: Apr-12-2023