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At 14:00 on September 1, 2023, the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory upgraded the city's typhoon orange warning signal to red. It is expected that typhoon "Saola" will seriously affect our city at close range in the next 12 hours, and the wind force will reach level 12 or above.

Affected by this year's No. 9 typhoon "Saola", YICT (Yantian) has stopped all delivery container services at the gate at 16:00 on August 31. SCT, CCT, and MCT (Shekou) will stop empty container pick-up services at 12:00 on August 31, and all drop-off container services will be suspended at 16:00 on August 31.


At present, major ports and terminals in South China have successively issued notices to suspend operations, and shipping schedules are bound to be affected. Senghor Logistics has notified all customers who have shipped in these two days that the terminal operations will be delayed. The containers will not be able to enter the port, and the subsequent terminal will be congested. The ship may also be late, and the shipping date is uncertain. Please be prepared for the delay in receiving the goods.

This typhoon will have a great impact on the transportation itinerary in South China. After the typhoon passes, we will keep an eye on the status of the goods to ensure that the goods of our customers are delivered smoothly as soon as possible.

The consultation service of Senghor Logistics is still in progress. If you have any questions about international logistics, import and export, please consult our experts through our website. We will reply as soon as possible, thank you for reading.

Post time: Sep-01-2023