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Ocean shipping freight agency China to France by Senghor Logistics

Ocean shipping freight agency China to France by Senghor Logistics

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Streamline your business with Senghor Logistics. Get the reliable and cost-effective solution that you need to transport your goods with ease! From the paperwork to the transportation process, we make sure that everything is taken care of. If you require door to door service, we also can provide trailer, customs declaration, fumigation, various certificates of origin, insurance and other additional services. From now on, no more headache with complicated international shipping!

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If you are just about to start your personal business, but you are new to international transportation and are not familiar with the import process, paperwork preparation, price, etc., you need a freight forwarder to solve these problems for you and save time.

If you are already a skilled importer who has a certain understanding of importing products, you must want to save money for yourself or the company you work at, then you also need a forwarder like Senghor Logistics to do it for you.


In the following content, you will see how we save you time, trouble and money.


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