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Shipping agent service from China to USA door to door by Senghor Logistics

Shipping agent service from China to USA door to door by Senghor Logistics

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Our shipping service offers sea freight door to door ground cargo delivery to your home or business. We are proficient in shipping from China to USA. Senghor Logistics team can manage the process and take care of your valuable goods.

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Senghor Logistics is your best choice!

Senghor Logistics is a comprehensive international logistics provider and provides door-to-door shipping services, having been serving global clients for more than 10 years, achieving over 880 successful collaborations with us.

In addition to sea freight, we are also good at air freight, railway freight, door to door, warehouse and consolidation, and certificate service. We hope to help you find the best shipping option to save costs and enjoy great service.

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Shipping From

We are located in Shenzhen, close to Yantian port, one of the biggest ports in China. We can also ship from most domestic shipping ports: Yantian/Shekou Shenzhen, Nansha/Huangpu Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, and the Yangtze River coast by barge to Shanghai port. (If shipped by Matson, it will depart from Shanghai or Ningbo.)

Shipping To

In the US, Senghor Logistics works with local licensed brokers and first-hand agents in 50 states, which will handle all import/export processes efficiently for you!

Plus, we can deliver to your designated address, whether it is private or commercial. And the delivery fee will depend on the distance as you offer the cargo information. You can have your goods shipped door to door or pick them up at our warehouse after we handle customs clearance and arrange the delivery yourself or by hiring qualified third-party services. If you want to save time, we will help you with everything in between, then the first option is ideal. If you have a smaller budget, then the second option is likely your best choice. No matter which method you decide on, we will make the most cost-effective solution for you.


Other Value-added Service

Senghor Logistics also provides consolidation and warehousing services that help reduce the risk of goods damage and enhance your shipment’s value and many of our customers like this service very much.
We can help release the certificates you need for your import, such as Export license for customs clearance use, Fumigation certificate, Certificate of Origin/FTA/Form A/Form E etc., CIQ/Legalization by Embassy or Consulate, and Cargo insurance. Click here to learn more!
More we can serve:
For special cargoes like mattresses, cabinets/cupboards, or tires, we can offer convenient transit solutions for you.
Contact our expert here!

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