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Suit you best air freight door to door shipping from China to Saudi Arabia for your business by Senghor Logistics

Suit you best air freight door to door shipping from China to Saudi Arabia for your business by Senghor Logistics

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If you are an importer in Saudi Arabia and want to know how to import goods from China, you have come to the right place. Senghor Logistics will play a bridging role in your import business, especially for customers with high delivery time requirements and high commodity turnover rates. Our door-to-door air freight one-stop service makes you feel that importing has never been easier.

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Suit you best air freight door to door shipping from China to Saudi Arabia for your business by Senghor Logistics

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that is friendly to trade with China, especially the pandemic that has accelerated the rapid development of e-commerce. Local people are becoming more enthusiastic about online shopping. Chinese products are popular for affordability, high quality and other excellent features. This also creates demand for logistics and timeliness.

Senghor Logistics has served local e-commerce and FMCG customers in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, etc., so we understand the needs of these customers very well. The Canton Fair is a good opportunity to showcase China's intelligent innovative products. We are willing to cooperate with customers like you to bring China's new highlights and trends to Saudi Arabia to achieve a win-win situation.

Air freight and time

Air freight allows faster delivery compared to other shipping methods such as sea freight. Air freight times from China to Saudi Arabia vary depending on location, airline and any potential transfer points. On average, delivery time is 3 to 5 days, not including any customs clearance or documentation process. And at least 1 day, because there are direct flights from Guangzhou(CAN) to Riyadh(RUH).

Our advantage

We are a team with rich experience in air freight services. We have handled medical materials charter projects during the pandemic; we have arranged emergency transportation of clothing cargo for VIP customers; we have also provided exhibition logistics services, etc. 

The above cases all require professional coordination and communication skills, as well as excellent emergency response capabilities. For goods that require fast delivery, we are fully confident that we can help you complete it.

Logistics supply chain

Huge e-commerce demand also affects Saudi Arabia’s logistics supply chain. Considering the entire logistics value chain, shipping processes are at the core of e-commerce business models. In addition, customs procedures have become more reliable and faster, with the goal of processing goods within 24 hours and consolidating all paperwork into one online form. Customs clearance can now be completed online before the package reaches Saudi Arabia, further speeding up the process.

Our solution

Senghor Logistics has been continuously optimizing our channels and resources to achieve efficient transportation for customers. 

Therefore, our dedicated line from China to Saudi Arabia can provide bilateral customs clearance including tax, and has the characteristics of fast customs clearance and stable timeliness.

Customers are not required to provide SABER, IECEE, CB, EER, RWC certification.

Door-to-door services can be provided for both sea freight and air freight. We offer different kinds of door to door shipping service for your business products, including picking up from your suppliers and customs declaration in China, booking space by sea or air, customs clearance at destination, and delivery.

(Sensitive goods like liquid, brand etc. are available, please check case by case.)

Cost considerations

Due to its speed, air freight costs more than sea freight. When calculating shipping costs from China to Saudi Arabia, there are several factors to consider, including the weight, volume and dimensions of your shipment, as well as any additional services required such as warehousing

Our quotes

Senghor Logistics has specialized in international freight for more than ten years, and has good relationships with airlines CA, CZ, O3, GI, EK, TK, LH, JT, RW, etc., and shipowners COSCO, EMC, MSK, MSC, TSL, etc., so we can get very competitive first-hand prices.

Our company has long-term cooperation with overseas agents and distributes goods to each other. The supply chain is mature and the cost is properly controlled. The total shipping cost is cheaper than the market.

Air freight market prices change almost every week, fluctuating with time and supply and demand. Each batch of goods is different and needs to be quoted separately based on specific information. Please contact us to obtain air freight door-to-door shipping solutions from China to Saudi Arabia and get the latest freight rates.

For each inquiry, we will offer 3 freight solutions of different timeliness, you can choose what you need. Our service quotation form will list detailed charging details for you. The price is transparent and there are no hidden fees

Integrity management has been our guideline for more than ten years. You can trust us with your goods!

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Working with a reliable freight forwarder can further enhance your shipping experience by providing expertise and representing you in complex situations. With Senghor Logistics’ service, your business importing goods from China to Saudi Arabia will be smoother than ever.

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