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Cheap sea freight rates from China to Los Angeles New York United States for door to door service by Senghor Logistics

Cheap sea freight rates from China to Los Angeles New York United States for door to door service by Senghor Logistics

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We have rich experience on sea shipping to door service from China to USA. No matter by sea or by air both available to provide you with door to door service. Ease your work and save your cost. We are COSTCO, Walmart, IPSY, HUAWEI these famous companies’ logistics supply chain, helping them ship their orders from Shenzhen, Shanghai and HongKong to USA.

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Different type of container different Maximum capacity for loading

Type of container Container inner dimensions(Meters) Maximum Capacity (CBM)
20GP/20 feet Length:5.898 Meter
Width: 2.35 Meter
Height:2.385 Meter
40GP/40 feet Length:12.032 Meter
Width: 2.352 Meter
Height:2.385 Meter
40HQ/40 feet high cube Length:12.032 Meter
Width: 2.352 Meter
Height:2.69 Meter
45HQ/45 feet high cube Length:13.556 Meter
Width: 2.352 Meter
Height:2.698 Meter

How does it work about sea shipping service?

Step 1) Please share us your basic goods information including What's your product/Gross weight/Volume/Supplier's location/Door delivery address/Goods ready date/Incoterm.

(If you can provide these detailed information it will be helpful for us to check the best solution and accurate freight cost for your budget.)

Step 2) We offer you the freight cost with suitable vessel schedule for your shipment to the US.

Step 3) If you agree with our shipping solution, you can provide your supplier's contact information to us. It is easy for us to speak Chinese with the supplier to help you check the products details.

Step 4) According to your supplier's correct goods ready date, we will arrange loading your goods from the factory.

Step 5) We will handle customs declaration process from China customs. After the container released by China customs, we will load your container on board.

Step 6) After the vessel depart from Chinese port, we will send you B/L copy and you can arrange pay the freight rate.

Step 7) When the container reaches at destination port in your country, our USA broker will handle customs clearance and send you the tax bill.

Step  8) After you pay the customs bill, our agent will make an appointment with your warehouse and arrange truck to deliver the container to your warehouse on time.

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Why choose us? (Our advantage for shipping service)

1) We have our shipping network in all main port cities in China. Port of loading from Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Ningbo/Shanghai/Xiamen/Tianjin/Qingdao/Hongkong/Taiwan are available for us.

2) We have our warehouses and branches at all main port cities in China. Most of our clients like our consolidation service very much. We help them consolidate different supplier’s goods loading and shipping for once. Ease their work and save their cost.

3) We have our chartered flight to USA and Europe every week. It's cheaper a lot than commercial flight. Our chartered flight and our sea freight cost can save your shipping cost at least 3-5% per year.

4) IPSY/HUAWEI/Walmart/COSTCO have used our logistics supply chain for 6 years already.

5) We have the fastest sea shipping carrier MATSON service, using MATSON plus direct truck from LA to all USA inland address, which is cheaper a lot than by air but faster a lot than general sea shipping carrier.

6) We have DDU/DDP sea shipping service from China to Australia/Singapore/Philippines/Malaysia/Thailand/Saudi Arabia/Indonesia/Canada.

7) we can provide you with our local clients contact information, of whom used our shipping service. You can talk with local clients know more about our service and our company.

8) We will buy sea shipping insurance to make sure your goods very safety.

Welcome to talk to our experts and you will find the shipping service that's right for you.

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