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Air freight shipping from China to Malaysia by Senghor Logistics

Air freight shipping from China to Malaysia by Senghor Logistics

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Senghor Logistics has the most suitable air shipping solution to suit your current shipment. By coordinating with airlines in China and Malaysia, arranging pick-up service all the way to warehouse and preparing all the documents, and getting cargo on board, we make it easy and well proceeded.  To find out more about shipping service from us, click and know more.

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Cargo Type and Size

senghor logistics air cargo type and size

Most items can be shipped by air freight, however, there are some restrictions surrounding ‘dangerous goods’.

Items such as acids, compressed gas, bleach, explosives, flammable liquids, ignitable gases, and matches and lighters are considered ‘dangerous goods’ and cannot be transported via airplane. Just like when you fly, none of these things can be brought on the plane, there are also limits for cargo shipping.

General cargo like clothes, wireless routers and other electronics products, vapes, medical supplies such as Covid test kits, etc., are available.

Common carton packaging size is the most popular, and try not to palletize as much as possible, because wide-body passenger aircraft is a usually used cargo model, and palletizing will also take up a certain amount of space. If necessary, it is suggested the size is recommended to be 1x1.2m in length x width, and the height should not exceed 1.5m. For cargo of special size, like cars, we need to check the spaces in advance.

senghor logistics air freight shipping cars

Our Advantage

Charter flights experience

From mid-2021 to 2022, in order to support Malaysia's COVID-19 prevention and control efforts, we chartered 8 flights per month to deliver medical supplies, which was something we are proud of. More service stories about us. (Click here)

Advantage routes

Senghor Logistics has maintained close cooperation with CA, CZ, O3, GI, EK, TK, LH, JT, RW and many other airlines, creating a number of advantage routes, such as European routes, SZX/CAN/HKG to FRA/LHR/LGG/AMS, American and Canadian routes, SZX/CAN/HKG to LAX/NYC/MIA/ORD/YVR, Southeast Asian routes, SZX/CAN/HKG to MNL/KUL/BKK/CGK, etc., the routes provided by the service are all over the world's major airports.

Competitive rates

We have signed annual contracts with airlines, and we have both charter and commercial flight services, so our air rates are cheaper than the shipping markets.

senghor logistics air cargo shipping

Time and Cost

Since we are based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, in the south of China, it is very close to Southeast Asia. Departing from Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hong Kong, you can even receive your cargo within 1 day by air shipping!

If your supplier is not located in Pearl River Delta, it is no problem for us. Other departure airports are available, too (Beijing/Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai/Nanjing/Xiamen/Dalian, etc.). We will help you check the cargo details with your supplier and arrange pickup from the factory to the nearest warehouse and airport, delivering according to the schedule.


After reading this, if you want us to calculate the specific price for your goods, please provide us with your goods information, and we will make the most time and cost-effective plan for you.

*Cargo details needed:

Incoterm, products name, weight & volume & dimension, package type & quantity, goods ready date, pickup address, delivery address, expected arrival time.

2senghor logistics team

Hope our first cooperation can leave a good impression on you. In the future, we will work together to create more opportunities for cooperation.

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