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Competitive price shipping toys from China to Germany Europe door to door delivery by Senghor Logistics

Competitive price shipping toys from China to Germany Europe door to door delivery by Senghor Logistics

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Senghor Logistics provides shipping services from China to Germany and to Europe. We transport their products for companies in the toy industry to ensure efficient and on-time delivery. At the same time, our services are characterized by high quality, professionalism, focus, and economy, allowing our customers to enjoy the greatest convenience.

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Are you a company in the toy industry looking for reliable and efficient shipping services from China to Germany and Europe? Senghor Logistics is your best choice. We specialize in providing first-class shipping services to companies in the toy industry, ensuring that your products arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Our Service

Senghor Logistics provides door-to-door services by sea freight, air freight, and rail freight from China to Germany.

Sea Freight

FCL and LCL service, transporting to ports such as Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

Air Freight

We can ship to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and other cities, providing fast and comprehensive logistics solutions for fast-moving consumer goods.

Rail Freight

The rail shipment of full container FCL and bulk cargo LCL shipping to Hamburg, Germany is faster than sea freight and the price is cheaper than air freight. (Depends on specific cargo information.)

All the above 3 methods can arrange door-to-door delivery to reduce your work burden.

Shipping time from China to Germany

The shipping time of sea freight is 20-40 days, air freight from China to Germany is 3-7 days, and rail freight is 15-20 days

We know that the current freight market is not stable due to various factors, so we will work closely with the agent to ensure that it is delivered to your designated location as soon as possible. 

Senghor Logistics at toy exhibition in Cologne

In 2023, Senghor Logistics participated in the toy exhibition in Cologne, Germany, and visited customers.

Senghor Logistics at toy exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany

In 2024, Senghor Logistics will assist customers to participate in exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany, and visit local customers.

Our Advantages

1. We have our own warehouse which can be your distribution center here in China.

2. Each of our quotes is honest and reliable, with no hidden fees.

3. Respond quickly, helpful and professional. Senghor Logistics will offer professional logistics suggestions for every new inquiry and inquiries from old customers, and will also provide 2-3 logistics solutions for customers to choose from.

4. Good at multi-party cooperation. Years of experience in dealing with suppliers can help our customers handle matters in China; if the customer has his own customs broker, we can also cooperate smoothly; and we have long-term local agents in Germany and other European countries, providing more mature and smooth customs clearance and delivery service.

What Else We Can Offer

Senghor Logistics can provide you with far more services than logistics solutions. We may be a part of your business decision-making.

1. Abundant supplier resources. All the suppliers we cooperate with will also be one of your potential suppliers (Currently industries that we mainly cooperate with include: cosmetics industry, pet supplies industry, clothing industry, furniture, industry, LED screen semiconductor-related industries, building materials, etc.). Even for the toys you are about to transport, we have met some high-quality suppliers at exhibitions in Germany and past cooperation, and we may be able to help you.

2. Industry situation forecast. We provide valuable reference information for your logistics, helping you make a more accurate budget.

Cooperate with a more professional freight forwarder like Senghor Logistics. From the sales department, to the operation department, and the customer service department, multiple departments have a clear division of labor to solve your problems in the import process. We believe you will be satisfied with our professionalism and timeliness.

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