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It has been a week since our company’s cofounder Jack and three other employees returned from participating in an exhibition in Germany. During their stay in Germany, they kept sharing local photos and exhibition conditions with us. You may have seen them on our social media (Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok).

This trip to Germany to participate in the exhibition is of great significance to Senghor Logistics. It provides a good reference for us to familiarize ourselves with the local business situation, understand the local customs, make friends with and visit customers, and improve our future shipping services.

On Monday, Jack gave a valuable sharing within our company to let more colleagues know what we gained from this trip to Germany. At the meeting, Jack summarized the purpose and results, the on-site situation of the Cologne exhibition, visits to local customers in Germany, etc.

In addition to participating in the exhibition, our purpose of this trip to Germany is also to analyze the scale and situation of the local market, gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs, and then be able to better provide corresponding services. Of course, the results were quite satisfactory. 

Exhibition in Cologne

At the exhibition, we met many company leaders and purchasing managers from Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Denmark and even Iceland; we also saw some excellent Chinese suppliers having their booths, and when you are in a foreign country, you always feel warmer when you see the faces of fellow countrymen.

Our booth is located in a relatively remote location, so the flow of people is not very high. But we can create opportunities for customers to get to know us, so the strategy we decided at that time was for two people to receive customers at the booth, and two people to go out and take the initiative to talk to customers and showcase our company.

Now that we came to Germany, we would focus on introducing about shipping goods from China to Germany and Europe, including sea freight, air freight, door-to-door delivery, and rail transportation. Shipping by rail from China to Europe, Duisburg and Hamburg in Germany are important stops. There will be customers who are concerned about whether rail transport will be suspended due to the war. In response to this, we replied that the current railway operations will detour to avoid the relevant areas and ship to Europe through other routes.

Our door-to-door service is also very popular with old customers in Germany. Take air freight as an example, Our German agent clears customs and delivers to your warehouse the next day after arriving in Germany. Our freight service also has contracts with shipowners and airlines, and the rate is lower than the market price. We can update regularly to provide you with a reference for your logistics budget.

At the same time, we know many high quality suppliers of many types of products in China, and we can make referrals if you need them, including infant products, toys, clothing, cosmetics, LED, projectors, etc.

Click the picture to learn about our self promotion in front of Cologne Cathedral

We are very honored that some customers are very interested in our services. We have also exchanged contact information with them, hoping to understand their thoughts on purchasing from China in the future, where the company's main market is, and whether there are any shipment plans in the near future.

Visit Customers

After the exhibition, we visited some customers we had contacted before and old customers we had cooperated with. Their companies have locations all over Germany, and we drove all the way from Cologne, to Munich, to Nuremberg, to Berlin, to Hamburg, and Frankfurt, to meet our customers.

We kept driving for several hours a day, sometimes we took the wrong route, we were tired and hungry, and it was not an easy journey. Precisely because it is not easy, we especially cherish this opportunity to meet with customers, strive to show customers high-quality products and services, and lay the foundation for cooperation with sincerity.

During the conversation, we also learned about the current difficulties of the customer's company in transporting goods, such as slow delivery times, high prices, the need for cargo collection services, etc. We can accordingly propose solutions to customers to increase their trust in us.

After meeting an old customer in Hamburg, the customer drove us to experience the autobahn in Germany (Click here to watch). Watching the speed increase little by little, it feels incredible.

This trip to Germany brought many first-time experiences, which refreshed our knowledge. We embrace differences from what we are accustomed to, experience many unforgettable moments, and learn to enjoy with a more open mind.

Looking at the photos, videos and experiences that Jack shares every day, you can feel that whether it is an exhibition or visiting customers, the schedule is very tight and does not stop much. At the exhibition site, everyone in the company actively took advantage of this rare opportunity to interact with customers. Some people may be shy at first, but later on they become proficient in talking to customers.

Before going to Germany, everyone made a lot of preparations in advance and communicated many details with each other. Everybody also gave full play to strengths at the exhibition, with a very sincere attitude and some new ideas. As one of the persons in charge, Jack saw the vitality of foreign exhibitions and the bright spots in sales. If there are related exhibitions in the future, we hope to continue to try this way of connecting with customers.

Post time: Sep-27-2023