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DDP shipping services China to Saudi Arabia cheap shipping rates to Jeddah

DDP shipping services China to Saudi Arabia cheap shipping rates to Jeddah

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Senghor Logistics provides sea freight and air freight services from China to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. DDP shipping services China to Saudi Arabia.

No matter where your goods are, we can handle shipments from your supplier to our warehouses in China then deliver to your door. The entire shipping process have quick customs clearance and stable timeliness.

Welcome to your shipping inquiry, please mail to our jack@senghorlogistics.com to find out the most cost-effective transporting way for your goods.

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Big news: China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) will participate in the construction of the Jeddah Stadium and surrounding sports villages in Saudi Arabia, which will be used to host the 2034 World Cup upon completion.

After CRCC undertook the construction of the 2022 Qatar World Cup venues, the world saw the strength of China's construction. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has invested more and more in sports in recent years, Saudi Arabia’s economy is increasingly diversified, and many people are becoming more and more enthusiastic about sports. We are happy to ship these products for businesses and brands dealing in sporting goods.

Generally speaking, the shipping time from China to Saudi Arabia is about 14-28 days. If it is bulk cargo (LCL) transportation, it will take longer because it needs to be unpacked before delivery, which is usually 21-38 days. Nowadays, due to the Red Sea issue, the sailing time of ships will be affected to a certain extent. Senghor Logistics will pay close attention to your cargo transportation status and provide you with timely updates.

What are the advantages of Senghor Logistics?

1. We have China-Saudi Arabia dedicated lines

1) This dedicated line includes bilateral customs clearance, and can arrange door-to-door shipping and delivery for you whether it is by ocean freight or air freight. And it can clear customs quickly and has stable timeliness.

2) Customers are not required to provide SABER, IECEE, CB, EER, RWC certification.

3) Products such as lamps, 3C small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, textiles, machines, toys, kitchen appliances, and items with batteries are accepted.

4) The cargo volume is stable, and we ship 4-6 containers every week. We can receive goods to warehouses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Yiwu.

2. One-stop handling of cargo freight

Ocean freight from China to Saudi Arabia, Senghor Logistics provides FCL/LCL transportation from China to Saudi Arabia. We can pick up the goods all over China, then do domestic customs declaration, and clear customs in Saudi Arabia. After arriving in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we can deliver the goods to the designated address or local warehouse, etc. 

We specialize in providing international freight services and quotations for overseas buyers and B2B import companies from China to Saudi Arabia.

3. Professional service

You may have contacted some freight forwarders, or you may be comparing which one to choose. We believe you will choose one that is more professional and has a better reputation.

In addition to providing customers with shipping services, Senghor Logistics also provides customers with foreign trade consulting, logistics consulting, and other services. We believe that few companies have such characteristics.

We have been engaged in the international logistics industry for more than 10 years. Our employees have an average of more than 7 years of experience in the industry, and the founder team has an average of more than 10 years of experience. We understand all the details of cargo shipping and are committed to saving our customers effort and worry.

With decades of experience in logistics and transportation, Senghor Logistics has become a trusted partner for businesses looking for efficient and affordable transportation solutions. There used to be customers who had to choose between our company and another freight forwarder, but thanks to our old customers’ strong recommendations for our services, we are very grateful and have brought us step by step to where we are today. (Check service story here.)

4. Transparent shipping costs

Customs clearance, tax and delivery are included, and no additional fees will be charged.

Senghor Logistics understands the importance of timely and safe delivery, especially when shipping sporting goods. Whether you are a distributor or retailer, Senghor Logistics is committed to providing seamless ocean freight services that meet your requirements while keeping costs low. 

By choosing Senghor Logistics for your shipping needs, you can leverage our extensive network and strategic partnerships, enjoying competitive prices for ocean freight from China to Jeddah. 

If you need affordable and reliable sea freight services to ship sporting goods from China to Jeddah, Senghor Logistics is the ideal partner for your business. Dedicated to providing an efficient, safe and personalized service, Senghor Logistics is fully equipped to meet your shipping needs, allowing you to focus on growing your sporting goods business with confidence and peace of mind. Fill in the blank below and get the most competitive ocean freight fee!

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