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It might be the BEST cargo transport company for importing from China to Philippines

It might be the BEST cargo transport company for importing from China to Philippines

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Senghor Logistics provides freight forwarding services from China to the Philippines, including sea freight and air freight. We also help handle importing items from China for clients without import rights. With the entry into force of RCEP, the trade links between China and the Philippines have become stronger. We will select cost-effective shipping companies and airlines for you, so that you can enjoy high-quality services at good prices.

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If you are looking for door-to-door service shipping from China to the Philippines, you are coming to the right place!

Senghor Logistics has more than 12 years' of international shipping experience and provides safe and efficient transportation for door to door from China to Philippines .
Wherever your goods are, we can provide you with customized freight solutions to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and on time.
What we ship the most are like storage shelves, supermarket shelves, agricultural machinery, LED street light, solar products, etc.

Our team is experienced and able to handle various types of cargo, providing you with a full range of shipping services and providing you with the best freight options for your goods.
Cooperate with us to give your goods the greatest protection and care during shipping.

Some Normal questions that you may care about

Q1: What kind of shipping service your company offer? 

A: Senghor Logistics offers both sea freight and air freight shipping service from China to Philippines, from sample shipment like 0.5kg minimum,  to large quantity like a 40HQ (around 68 cbm). 

Our sales people will provide you with the most proper shipping method with quotation based on your products type, quantity and your address.

Q2: Are you able to tackle customs clearance and shipping to door if we don't have an important license for import?  

A: Senghor Logistics offers flexible services based on every situation of different customers.

 If customers want us to book to port (Manila, Davao, Cebu, Cagayan) only, they do customs clearance and picking up by themselves at the destination.

No problem.

If customers need us to do customs clearance at destination and customers pick up from warehouse or port only.

No problem.

If customers want us to tackle all the routes from supplier to door with customs clearance and tax/duty included.

No problem.

We are able to borrow an importer name for customs, by DDP service.

No problem.

Q3: We will have several suppliers in China, how to ship is better and cheapest? 

A: Senghor sales people will offer you proper suggestions according to how many products from each supplier, where they are located and what payment terms with you, by calculating and comparing different methods (like all gather together, or shipping separately, or part of them gather together and another part of shipping separately). 

Senghor Logistics can offer picking up, warehousing, consolidating service from any ports in China.

Q4: Are you able to offer to door service no matter any place in Philippines? 

A: Currently yes.

For transporting full containers FCL, we will usually book to the nearest port of your island.  

For LCL shipment, we now mainly consolidate and book to Manila, Davao, Cebu, Cagayan, and we will do delivery by local logistics service from these ports to your address.

Q5: How long does it take to ship from China to Philippines? 

A: China to Manila port: 3-15 days based on from different ports of loading 

China to Davao port: 6-20 days based on from different ports of loading 

China to Cebu port: 4-15 days based on from different ports of loading 

China to Cagayan port: 6-20 days based on from different ports of loading

Some projects or products that Senghor Logistics shipped to Philippines for your reference

Warehouse racks, agricultural machinery, LED street light, solar products, etc.

Why choose Senghor Logistics as your freight partner?

1. You will feel quite relaxed, because you only need to give us the suppliers' contact information, and then we will get all the rest things ready and keep you timely updated on every small process.

2. You will find it quite easy to make decisions, because for each inquiry, we will always offer you 3 solutions (slower/cheaper; faster; price and speed medium) , you can just choose what you need.

3. You will find more accurate budget in freight, because we always make a detailed quotation list for each inquiry, without hidden charges. Or with possible charges be informed in advance.

4. You don't need to be bothered about how to ship if you have many suppliers to be shipped together, because consolidating and warehousing are part of our most professional skills in the past 12 years.

5. For your urgent shipment, we can pick up goods from China suppliers today, load goods on board for airlifting the next day and deliver to your address on the third day.

6. You will get a professional and reliable business partner (supporter), we can support you not only with shipping service, but whatever else like sourcing, quality checking, suppliers' research, etc.

Some customer referrals and positive reviews

For better assist, please kindly advise information below when you inquire to us:

1. Product name (such as treadmill or other specific fitness equipment, it is easy to check the specific HS code)

2. Gross weight, volume, and number of pieces (if shipping by LCL freight, it is convenient to calculate the price more accurately)

3. Your supplier address

4. Door delivery address with postcode (the end-to-end delivery distance can affect the shipping cost)

5. Goods ready date (to provide you with a suitable shipping date and guaranteed valid shipping space)

6. Incoterm with your supplier (help to clarify their respective rights and obligations)

Come and work with the BEST cargo transport company!

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