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Freight shipping by sea for fitness equipment from China to Manila, Philippines by Senghor Logistics

Freight shipping by sea for fitness equipment from China to Manila, Philippines by Senghor Logistics

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With the development of cross-border e-commerce, trade links between China and the Philippines have become more frequent. The first domestic “Silk Road Shipping” e-commerce express line from Xiamen, Fujian to Manila also ushered in the first anniversary of its official opening. If you are going to import goods from China, whether it is e-commerce goods or regular imports for your company, we can complete the transportation from China to the Philippines for you.

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Cargo Information

The services and prices we offer are all based on the details of the product you are about to ship.

We have arranged to export commodities from China to the Philippines include luggage and bags, shoes and clothing, daily necessities, vehicle and bicycle accessories, fitness equipment, etc.

Please cooperate with us to provide the following information

1. Product name (such as treadmill or other specific fitness equipment, it is easy to check the specific HS code)

2. Gross weight, Volume, and Number of pieces (if shipping by LCL freight, it is convenient to calculate the price more accurately)

3. Your supplier address

4. Door delivery address with postcode (the end-to-end delivery distance can affect the shipping cost)

5. Goods ready date (to provide you with a suitable shipping date and guarantee valid shipping space)

6. Incoterm with your supplier (help to clarify their respective rights and obligations)

As an international trade-related practitioner, we value your time. Regarding the above information, you can also directly provide us with the contact information of the supplier, and then we will get all rest things ready and keep you timely updated of every freight service small process.

This is why you need a local China freight forwarder. Taking advantage of our location in China, we can communicate with suppliers, arrange delivery, storage, transportation, and customs declaration in China for you.

How much does it cost from China to Manila, Philippines?

Speaking of prices, in addition to the impact of specific cargo information, other external factors may cause price changes, such as supply and demand in the freight market, strategic adjustments of shipping companies, seasons, etc. Please contact us to check the real-time shipping cost for you.

As the first-class agent of shipping companies (CMA/COSCO/ZIM/ONE, etc.) and airlines (CA/HU/BR/CZ, etc.), we can provide you with reasonable prices and stable spaces.


You will find more accurate budget in freight, because we always make detailed quotation list for each inquiry to the Philippines without hidden charges. Or with possible charges will be informed in advance.

Whether it's a large or small business that needs to control costs when importing goods, we know how to save you money.

Companies that have long-term cooperation with us can save 3%-5% of logistics costs per year;

Customers with many suppliers like our cargo consolidation service very much. We have cooperative warehouses in various port cities across China, which can consolidate and transport goods for customers in a unified way, which can save work and money for customers;

√Our DDP door-to-door service is a one-stop service, and the price is all-inclusive, all charges with port fees, customs duty and tax both in China and in Philippines.

From China to Philippines, around 15 days to arrive at our Manila warehouse, and around 20-25 days to arrive at Davao, Cebu, and Cagayan.

Here are our warehouses’ address in the Philippines for your reference.

Manila warehouse: San Marcelino St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila.

Davao warehouse: Unit 2b green acres compound mintrade drive agdao

Cagayan warehouse: Ocli Bldg. Corrales Ext. Cor. Mendoza St., Puntod, Cagayan De oro City.

Cebu warehouse: PSO-239 Lopez Jaena St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu

In addition to sea freight, Senghor Logistics also provides air freight services, for China to MNL is one of our advantage routes of air freight, which is a good choice for shipping high-value, time-sensitive goods. We welcome your inquiries anytime.


We hope this page can solve your questions, if not, please contact us to let us know your needs.

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