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Door to door air freight shipping for your E commerce business from China to Spain by Senghor Logistics

Door to door air freight shipping for your E commerce business from China to Spain by Senghor Logistics

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For door to door air freight shipping from China to Spain, Senghor Logistics will provide competitive prices based on your cargo information and timeliness requirements, and strive to save you money on transportation costs. To choose a freight forwarder is to choose a business partner. We hope to be your most loyal partner in the transportation of goods and support your business development.

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Hola! Welcome to our website!


We offer a wide range of logistics services to meet your needs, including air freight, sea freight and rail freight.

Whether you are a purchaser from a large or medium-sized company, or an independent e-commerce or shop operator, we can make a specific transportation plan according to your situation and save you money.

On this page, we will introduce to you the door-to-door air freight service from China to Spain. After your purchase from the factory is over, the rest is our job.

Personalized service

Our company pays attention to the quality of customer experience and strives to save customers' worries. 

Please tell us about your shipping requests with shipment expected arrival date, we will coordinate and prepare all documents with you and your supplier, and we will come to you when we need anything or need your confirmation of documents.

We are all experienced freight forwarders for 5-13 years, and understand that the needs of each customer are different. So in our quotation, you will feel quite easy to make decisions, because for each inquiry, we will always offer you 3 shipping solutions (slower/cheaper; faster; price & speed medium), you can just choose what you need for your shipment.

Timeliness requirements

Senghor Logistics has been maintaining close cooperation with CA, CZ, O3, GI, EK, TK, LH, JT, RW and many other airlines, creating a number of advantageous routes, and the routes provided are all over the world's major airports. At the same time, we are a long-term cooperative agent of Air China, CA, with fixed board spaces every week and sufficient spaces. Our services can meet various timeliness needs of customers and provide reliable and efficient solutions.

We know that for some e-commerce practitioners, products need to be in stock to prevent traffic decline. We have met some customers who do e-commerce business, and they usually choose to import products by sea freight. Due to some reasons, such as the late ready date of the goods, or the high sea freight during the pandemic period, they had not been placed the shipment for a long time, resulting in the failure to replenish the product inventory in time, which affects sales. 


Our solution is to transport the more urgent products by air, and other non-urgent goods can continue to be transported by sea. The time-efficiency of air shipping is high, and the goods can be received within 1-7 days, which can ensure that customers' products are in stock on time and reduce the economic loss of customers.

There are fast-acting demands, and of course there are slow-acting demands.

For example, we have an air shipment from China to Norway. Since the goods ready date is late, if the flight is scheduled according to the original plan, it happens to be a holiday in Norway after the arrival, so the customer hoped to receive the goods after the holiday. 


Therefore, we pick up the goods from the factory and store them in the warehouse near the airport, and then transport and deliver them according to the time the customer expects.

Economical price

Having dealt with so many cases, we know that no matter what the size of the company, the logistics cost expenditure is limited.

As mentioned above, our company is the first-level agent of a well-known airline company, and has first-hand prices, and there are multiple channels to quote without hidden fees.

We help to pre-check destination countries' duty and tax for our customers to make shipping budgets.

We have signed annual contracts with airlines, and we have both charter and commercial flight services, so our air freight rates are cheaper than the shipping markets.

Just take advantage of contract rates and save money for customers like you. Customers who have long-term cooperation with Senghor Logistics can save 3%-5% of logistics costs every year.

The price of the freight industry is changing rapidly, and we, who are inside the industry, hope to give you a good cooperation experience. We will provide you with industry situation forecast of valuable reference information for your logistics, helping you make a more accurate budget of air cargo shipment for your next shipment.

Thank you for coming and look forward to cooperating with you! Gracias!

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