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International sea freight rates from Vietnam to USA by Senghor Logistics

International sea freight rates from Vietnam to USA by Senghor Logistics

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After the Covid-19 pandemic, part of purchasing and manufacturing orders have moved to Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
Senghor Logistics joined the WCA organization last year and developed our resources in Southeast Asia. From 2023 on, we can arrange shipment from China, Vietnam, or other Southeast Asia countries to USA and Europe to meet our customers’ diverse shipping needs.

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Why You Choose Us?

  • You may ask, Senghor Logistics is not a local freight forwarder in Vietnam, why should you trust us?

We foresee the potentiality in Southeast Asia for the North America and Europe markets, and we know it is how advantageous place for trade and shipping. As a member of WCA organization, we developed local agent resources for customers who have business dealings in this area. So, we work closely with the local agent team to help deliver the cargo efficiently.

  • What will you get from us?

Our employees have an average of 5-10 years of work experience. And the founder team has rich experience. Till 2023, they have been working in the industry with 13, 11, 10, 10 and 8 years respectively. In the past, each of them had been the backbone figures of previous companies and followed up on many complex projects, such as exhibition logistics from China to Europe and America, complex warehouse control and door-to-door logistics, air charter project logistics, which are all highly trusted by customers.
With the help of our experienced staff, you will obtain a tailor-made shipping solution with competitive rates and valuable industry information to help you make a budget of imports from Vietnam and support your business.

  • We are not going to leave you

Due to the particularity of online communication and the problem of trust barriers, it is difficult for many people to invest in trust all at once. But we are still waiting for your message all the time, no matter whether you choose us or not, we will be your friends. If you have any questions about freight and import, you can communicate with us, and we are also very happy to answer. We believe you will learn about our professionalism and patience eventually.

In addition, after you place the order, our professional operation team and customer service team will follow up on the whole process, including documents, picking up, warehouse delivery, customs declaration, transportation, delivery, etc., and you will receive procedure updates from our staff. If there is an emergency, we will form a dedicated group to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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What Is Available?

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  • Both FCL container shipping and LCL sea shipping to door from Vietnam to USA and Europe are available to us.
  • In Vietnam, we can ship from Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh, 2 major ports in the North and South of Vietnam.
  • The destination ports we mainly ship to are LA/LB and New York.
  • (Want to inquire about more ports? Just contact us!)
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