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Rail shipping faster and quicker transportation service than sea freight from China to Germany by Senghor Logistics

Rail shipping faster and quicker transportation service than sea freight from China to Germany by Senghor Logistics

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Are you being bothered for the longer transitting time ( 7-15 days more )  from China to Germany due to the Red Sea attack?

Don’t worry, Senghor Logistics are able to offer you rail freight service from China to Germany, which is much faster than by sea.

You know what???

Usuaully it takes 27-35 days shipping by sea from China to Hamburg and now another 7-15 days more due to vessel companies change their route via South Africa, so it leads to total 34- 50 days shipping by sea now. But if by train freight, it usually takes 15-18 days to Duisburg or Hamburg only, which saves more than 1 half of the time!

Besides, when arriving in Germany, we can also provide customs clearance and door-to-door delivery services.

Below you can learn more about our Railway freight service from China to Germany.

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Who are we?

Shenzhen Sengor Sea & Air Logistics, an international freight forwarder based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We have helped thousands of companies with their freight transport!

Senghor Logistcs offers a full range of logistics and transport services with a focus on efficiency and reliability at a competitive price and, of course, the assurance of a personal service. Our mission: Deliver our promises and Support your success.


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Senghor Logistics took customers to visit the China-Europe Railway Express train container yard

Introduce Senghor Logistics' rail freight service

We believe you have heard that due to recent tensions in the Red Sea, the sailing time of container ships from Asia to Europe has been increased by at least 10 days. This also triggered a chain reaction, with container freight prices rising sharply.

So we suggest some European customers to consider other modes of transportation, and rail freight is one of them. Senghor Logistics is one of the earliest cross-border transportation units of China-Europe Railway Express, providing high-quality rail cross-border logistics services for international trade between China and Germany and other European countries.

Our Advantages

Time Efficiency

Rail transport is often faster than sea freight with a more favourable price and can be a more time-efficient option.

Seamless Multimodal Connectivity

Benefit from our seamless integration of rail freight with other transportation modes, offering a comprehensive door to door delivery solution to meet the specific needs of your cargo.

Cost-Effective Rail Solutions

This freight service allows both importers and exporters to ship to and from China to Europe in a fast and cost-effective way. We leverage efficient rail networks to provide competitive rates for transporting goods to and from Germany. Cheap and fairly stable.

More Services

We offer long term and short term warehouse storage service for our customers with more than 15,000 square meters of space in Shenzhen and other cooperated warehouses close to ports.  We also provide consolidating, other value-added services like re-packing, labeling, palleting, quality checking, etc.

To initiate your railway shipping to Germany, please provide us with the following details:

1) Commodity name (Better detailed description like picture, material, usage, etc.)
2) Packing information (Package number/Package type/Volume or dimension/Weight)
3) Payment terms with your supplier (EXW/FOB/CIF or others)
4) Cargo ready date
5) Origin location and Port of destination or Door delivery address with postal code (If to door service required)
6) Other special remarks like if copy brand, if battery, if chemical, if liquid and other services required if you have
7) If consolidating services required from different suppliers, then advise above information of each supplier

Our dedicated team will then prepare a customized solution and provide you with a detailed quote promptly.

How long does it take to ship from China to Germany by rail freight?

The estimated transit time for rail shipping from China to Germany is typically in the range of 12 to 20 days. This duration may vary based on the departure and arrival cities, and the efficiency of the chosen rail route.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding transit times, please feel free to contact with Senghor Logistics. We will provide you with specific details based on the current conditions and the original loading for your shipment.

What needs to be paid attention to?

Weather Impact

Weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, snow, or other environmental factors, can affect railway transportation. It's crucial to consider seasonal variations and potential disruptions to ensure the reliability of the shipping schedule.

Cargo Balancing

Balancing the cargo within the containers is critical for safe transportation. Uneven loading can lead to accidents, damage to goods, or even derailments. Proper packaging and loading practices should be adhered to, and our experienced staff often provides guidance on secure cargo handling.

Stringent Audit for Chemical Products and Batteries

Rail freight export and import, especially for chemical products and items with batteries, is subject to strict regulations and audits. Providing accurate and comprehensive information well in advance is essential for compliance. This may include detailed product information, safety data sheets (SDS), and other relevant documentation.

Warmly welcome your inquiry!

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