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Senghor Logistics door to door sea freight transport from China to UK by Senghor Logistics

Senghor Logistics door to door sea freight transport from China to UK by Senghor Logistics

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Our door-to-door service is ideal for shipping from China to the UK as it is one of our most popular and well-served routes. We collect goods from your suppliers, prepare the shipment in a warehouse, and deliver your goods directly to you.

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Why you need Senghor Logistics?


Need to ship from China to the UK? Look no further than Senghor Logistics! Our professional team has been in the industry for over 10 years and provides top-notch service that ensures your goods get delivered on time and with affordable shipping rates. We are committed to structure and efficiency, you can trust us to provide a stress-free shipping experience and react quickly to any queries. Get your goods shipped with peace of mind today!

Competitive Price

It is easy and budget-friendly to ship to the UK with us! You can take advantage of our exclusive prices with major airlines (CA, CZ, O3, GI, EK, TK, LH, JT, RW…), shipping companies (COSCO, EMC, MSK, MSC, TSL…) and rail freight service providers for the most affordable shipping solution from China to the UK. Keep your money safe in your pocket and get your goods delivered quickly!

Strong Customs Clearance Ability

Our reliable, secure shipping service ensures safe delivery of your cargo and smooth customs clearance, taking care of all the necessary documentation and procedures. We work with WCA member overseas customs clearance network, with low inspection rates, and convenient customs clearance.

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That will depend on your specific cargo information, real-time freight rate, and your personal needs. After your goods are ready, we will contact the suppliers to measure the dimensions and calculate the total weight and volumes to make a suitable transportation plan for you. After checking the rate, we will offer the most reasonable cost without any hidden fee.
Here is the container size chart for your reference, and there are a few differences among different shipping lines.
For some special conditions like if your goods are less than a container but can almost fill it, you can choose to ship by FCL when the price is acceptable, because it is more convenient to handle, and no more rework and waiting time. 

Shipping Time

  • Shipping By
  • Door Delivery Shipping Time
  • FCL Freight
  • 28-48 days
  • (Depending on different Ports in China)
  • LCL Freight
  • 30-55 days
  • (Depending on different Ports in China)
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