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Top ocean freight forwarder shipping from Shandong China to Italy Europe for car tires by Senghor Logistics

Top ocean freight forwarder shipping from Shandong China to Italy Europe for car tires by Senghor Logistics

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Senghor Logistics has focused on overseas customers’ import business from China for more than 10 years, including door-to-door services by sea, air, and railway, to help you receive goods more smoothly. We are a member of WCA and have cooperated with trustworthy overseas agents for many years, especially in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. We can provide you with cost-friendly freight rates and flexible freight options. Welcome to contact us.

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Tires produced in Shandong account for a large proportion of China's domestic tires and have a strong regional scale advantage. Shandong Province is the largest import and export trade area in northern China, and Qingdao is also the largest port for tire exports.

It is said that some companies' tire orders have been scheduled for two months. On the one hand, the factors are the record high of domestic automobile sales, and on the other hand, the substantial increase in automobile exports, especially electric vehicles.

If you need to ship car tires or any other type of cargo from Shandong, China to Italy, Senghor Logistics is your best choice. We are a top ocean freight forwarder, offering comprehensive freight services, reliable shipping schedules and competitive prices. Our services include handling all relevant customs documentation, clearance, and even duties and taxes (DDP/DDU), door to door delivery.

Senghor Logistics can provide sea freight, air freight and rail freight from China to Italy, so what is the difference between these three in transporting tires?


Sea Freight: Cost effective for large and heavy cargo such as car tires. Shipping time is longer compared to air freight, usually a few weeks. Proper packaging is required to withstand potential moisture and humidity during ocean shipping. 

Air freight: Shipping time is faster, usually just a few days. More expensive compared to ocean shipping, especially for large and heavy cargo like car tires. Generally more reliable and with less risk of damage than ocean shipping. 

Rail freight: Can be a good compromise between sea freight and air freight in terms of cost and shipping time. Coverage is limited in some areas, but may be a viable option for some routes between China and Europe. Efficient loading and unloading processing is required at the terminal. 

When considering which shipping method to use, it is important to consider cost, transit time, reliability, and the specific requirements of the goods being shipped.

For customers who need to transport tires, we generally recommend choosing sea freight or rail freight.

How long does sea freight take from China to Italy?

Sea freight from China to Italy typically takes approximately 25-35 days, depending on the specific origin and destination ports, as well as factors such as weather conditions and other logistics considerations. 


Let’s take Qingdao Port in Shandong Province to Genoa Port in Italy as an example. The shipping time will be 28-35 days. However, due to the current situation in the Red Sea, container ships from China to Europe need to detour from the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, which increases shipping time.

How long does rail freight take from China to Italy?

Rail freight from China to Italy usually takes around 15-20 days, depending on the specific route, distance and any potential delays.


Affected by the situation in the Red Sea, many customers who originally transported by sea chose to transport by rail. Although the timeliness is faster, the capacity of railways is not as large as that of sea freight container ships, and the phenomenon of space shortage has occurred. And it is winter in Europe right now, and the rails are frozen, which has a certain impact on rail transport.

For you to get more accurate freight rates and shipping schedules, please provide us with the following information:

1. Commodity name, Volume, Weight, it is better to advise a detailed packing list. (If the products are oversized, or overweight, detailed & accurate packing data need to be advised; If goods are non-general, for example with battery, powder, liquid, chemical, etc., please specially remark.)

2. Which city (or accurate address) are your supplier located in China? Incoterms with the supplier? (FOB or EXW)

3. The products' ready date and when do you expect to receive the goods from China to Italy?

4. If you need customs clearance and delivery service at the destination, please advise the delivery address for checking.

5. Goods HS code and goods value need to be offered if you need us to check duty and VAT charges.

Why choose Senghor Logistics to help ship your cargo?

Full of experience

Senghor Logistics has rich experience of more than 10 years. In the past, the founder team had been backbone figures and followed up on many complex projects, such as exhibition logistics from China to Europe and America, complex warehouse control and door-to-door logistics, air charter project logistics; Principal of VIP customer service group, highly praised and trusted by customers.

Under the guidance of logistics professionals, your import business will be easier. We have relevant experience in transporting tires and are familiar with various documents and processes to ensure smooth progress during shipping.

Transparent quotation

During the quotation process, our company will provide customers with a complete price list, all cost details will be given detailed explanations and remarks, and all possible costs will be informed of the possibility in advance, which help our customers make an accurate budget and avoid losses.

We have encountered some customers who asked for price comparisons with quotations from other freight forwarders. Why do other freight forwarders charge lower prices than us? This may be because other freight forwarders only quoted part of the price, and some surcharges and other miscellaneous charges at the destination port were not reflected in the quotation sheet. When the customer finally needed to pay, a lot of unmentioned fees appeared and they had to pay.

As a reminder, if you encounter a freight forwarder with an extremely low quotation, please pay more attention and ask them if there are any other hidden fees to avoid disputes and losses in the end. At the same time, you can also find other freight forwarders in the market to compare prices. Welcome to inquire and compare prices with Senghor Logistics. We serve you wholeheartedly and be an honest freight forwarder.

Ease your work, save your cost

One of the main benefits of choosing Senghor Logistics as your freight forwarder is our ability to collect goods from different suppliers in different cities in China and consolidate them for shipment to Italy. Not only does this save you time and hassle, it also ensures that your goods are taken care of throughout the entire shipping process.

At Senghor Logistics, we pride ourselves on being able to offer contract freight with major carriers, fixed schedules for on-time delivery, and competitive freight rates.

At the same time, we save our customers money. Our company is proficient in import customs clearance business in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries. In the United States, import tariff rates vary widely due to different HS codes. We are proficient in customs clearance and save tariffs, which also brings considerable benefits to customers.

Our company also provides relevant certificate of origin issuance services. For the GSP Certificate of Origin (Form A) applicable to Italy, it is a certificate that the goods enjoy general preferential tariff treatment in the favored country, which can also allow our customers to save tariff costs.

Whether you are transporting car tires, electronics, machinery or any other type of cargo, you can trust Senghor Logistics to handle your cargo with care and efficiency. With our extensive experience in the freight forwarding industry, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure your cargo is delivered safely and on time.

When it comes to shipping from Shandong, China to Italy, Senghor Logistics is the first choice for reliable, efficient and cost-effective ocean freight services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your shipping needs.

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