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Freight shipping by rail from China to Europe LCL cargo train service by Senghor Logistics

Freight shipping by rail from China to Europe LCL cargo train service by Senghor Logistics

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Senghor Logistics’ LCL bulk cargo railway freight service can provide you with cargo collection services. When you have multiple suppliers, we will collect the goods and ship them uniformly. At the same time, we will provide pick-up, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery and various warehouse services. Small-volume goods can also be well taken care of.

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In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Senghor Logistics has launched our LCL rail freight service from China to Europe. With our extensive industry experience and expertise, we are committed to providing you with best-in-class shipping solutions to meet your specific needs.

We provide rail freight logistics service from China to Europe including Poland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Serbia, etc.

Why choose rail freight?

1. The transportation is on time and efficient

Taking China to Europe as an example, the general shipping time for sea freight is 28-48 days. If there are special circumstances or a transit is required, it will take longer. Air freight has the fastest delivery time and can usually be delivered to your door within 5 days at the fastest. Between these two modes of transportation, the overall timeliness of railway freight is about 15-30 days, and sometimes it can be faster. And it departs strictly according to the timetable, and the timeliness is guaranteed.

2. Low freight rates

Railway infrastructure costs are high, but logistics costs are low. In addition to the large carrying capacity, the price per kilogram is actually not high on average. Compared with air freight, rail transport is generally cheaper to transport the same volume of goods. Unless you have extremely high requirements on timeliness and need to receive the goods within a week, then air freight may be more suitable.

3. Large carrying capacity and a wide range of transportable items

In addition to dangerous goods, liquids, imitation and infringing products, contraband, etc., all can be transported.

The items that can be transported by China Europe Express trains include electronic products; clothing, shoes and hats; cars and accessories; furniture; mechanical equipment; solar panels; charging piles, etc.

4. High safety and environmentally friendly

Railway transportation is efficient throughout the entire process, with few transfers, so the damage and loss rates are low. In addition, rail freight is less affected by weather and climate and has higher safety. Among the three shipping methods of sea freight, rail freight and air freight, sea freight has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions, while rail freight has lower emissions than air freight.

Why choose Senghor Logistics?

1. Best business partner

Logistics is a key part of business. Customers with any volume of cargo can find suitable tailor-made solutions at Senghor Logistics. We not only serve large enterprises, such as Wal-Mart, Huawei, etc., but also small and medium-sized companies. They usually have a small volume of goods, but they also want to import products from China to develop their own business.

To solve this problem, Senghor Logistics provides European customers with affordable railway freight LCL logistics services: direct logistics lines from various stations in mainland China to Europe, with commodities of battery and non-battery products, furniture, clothing, toys, etc., about 12 -27 days delivery time.

Departure station Destination station Country Departure day Shipping time
Wuhan Warsaw Poland Every Friday 12 days
Wuhan Hamburg Germany Every Friday 18 days
Chengdu Warsaw Poland Every Tues/Thurs/Sat 12 days
Chengdu Vilnius Lithuania Every Wed/Sat 15 days
Chengdu Budapest Hungary Every Friday 22 days
Chengdu Rotterdam Netherlands Every Saturday 20 days
Chengdu Minsk Belarus Every Thurs/Sat 18 days
Yiwu Warsaw Poland Every Wednesday 13 days
Yiwu Duisburg Germany Every Friday 18 days
Yiwu Madrid Spain Every Wednesday 27 days
Zhengzhou Brest Belarus Every Thursday 16 days
Chongqing Minsk Belarus Every Saturday 18 days
Changsha Minsk Belarus Every Thurs/Sat 18 days
Xi'an Warsaw Poland Every Tues/Thurs/Sat 12 days
Xi'an Duisburg/Hamburg Germany Every Wed/Sat 13/15 days
Xi'an Prague/Budapest Czech/Hungary Every Thurs/Sat 16/18 days
Xi'an Belgrade Serbia Every Saturday 22 days
Xi'an Milan Italy Every Thursday 20 days
Xi'an Paris France Every Thursday 20 days
Xi'an London UK Every Wed/Sat 18 days
Duisburg Xi'an China Every Tuesday 12 days
Hamburg Xi'an China Every Friday 22 days
Warsaw Chengdu China Every Friday 17 days
Prague/Budapest/Milan Chengdu China Every Friday 24 days

2. First-class China Europe Express freight train agent with favorable price

The impact of the Red Sea crisis left our European customers helpless. Senghor Logistics immediately responded to customer needs and provided customers with practical rail freight solutions. We always provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose from for every inquiry. No matter what timeliness you need and how much budget you have, you can always find a suitable solution.

As the first-hand agent of China Europe Express trains, we obtain affordable prices for our customers without middlemen. At the same time, every charge will be listed in our quotation, and there are no hidden fees.

3. Professional warehouse services

(1) Senghor Logistics’ warehouse is located in Yantian Port, one of the three top ports in China. There are China Europe Express freight trains departing here, and goods are loaded into containers here to ensure fast shipment.

(2) Some customers will purchase products from multiple suppliers at the same time. At this time, our warehouse service will bring great convenience. We provide various value-added services such as long-term and short-term warehousing, collection, labeling, repacking, etc., which most warehouses cannot provide. Therefore, many customers also like our service very much.

(3) We have more than 10 years of experience and standardized warehouse operations to ensure safety.

At Senghor Logistics, we understand the importance of timely and cost-effective shipping solutions. That’s why we have strong partnerships with rail operators to ensure your goods are transported quickly and safely from China to Europe. Our shipping capacity is 10-15 containers per day, which means we can handle your shipment with ease, giving you peace of mind that your shipment will reach its destination on time.

Are you considering buying goods from China to Europe? Contact us today to learn more about our shipping services and how we can help you simplify shipping your goods from China to Europe.

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