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Sea freight quotation from China to Spain transport services by Senghor Logistics

Sea freight quotation from China to Spain transport services by Senghor Logistics

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Senghor Logistics has been focusing on ocean cargo, air freight and rail transportation from China to Europe for more than ten years, especially from China to Spain. Our staff are very familiar with import and export documents, customs declaration and clearance, and transportation processes. We can propose a reasonable transportation plan according to your needs, and you can get satisfactory logistics services and freight rate from us.

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Hola, friend, glad you found us!

Experience fast and reliable sea freight services with China to Spain! Our comprehensive solutions from China to Spain include customs clearance, delivery, and more - all at the most competitive rates. Get your cargo where it needs to be quicker and more cost-effectively than ever before. Try us today and experience the difference!

We offer you the most suitable shipping solution from China to Spain.

The transportation needs of each customer are different, and we usually ask the customer to provide the following cargo information for us to make a transportation plan for the customer.

1. Product name

2. Goods weight and volume

3. Suppliers location in China

4. Door delivery address with post code in destination country

5.  What's your incoterms with your supplier? FOB OR EXW?

6. Goods ready date?

7. Your name and email address?

8. If you have WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype, please provide it to us. Easy for communication online.

Your reliable business partner is senghor logistics

We have more than 10 years of experience in freight forwarding, and the most suitable solution for you includes:

1. We provide you the freight cost with suitable vessel schedule for your shipment.

2. We help to pre-check duty and tax for you to make shipping budgets.

3. Introduce the notes and documents, including packaging requirements, customs declaration and clearance documents, time efficiency for direct or transit shipment, connecting with overseas customs clearance agents, etc.

By sea from China to Spain

We can reach the ports of Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras, Almeria, etc., and the port of departure and transit time are as follows. (For reference)

Port of Loading Shipping Time Port of Destination
Yantian/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo/Qingdao/Tianjin/Xiamen Around 23-28 days Barcelona
Yantian/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo/Qingdao/Tianjin/Xiamen Around 25-30 days Valencia
Yantian/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo/Qingdao/Tianjin/Xiamen Around 23-35 days Algeciras
Yantian/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo/Qingdao/Tianjin/Xiamen Around 25-35 days Almeria
senghor logistics shipping from china to spain

Senghor Logistics can not only provide sea freight services, but also air freight, railway and door-to-door services for you to choose from. The timeliness of each mode of transportation is different, and we will give you a professional reference based on your cargo urgency and budget. 

For DDP service by LCL/Air/Railway, we have steady shipments from Guangzhou/Yiwu every week.

It usually takes around 30-35 days to door after departure by sea,

and around 7 days to door by air,

around 25 days to door by railway.

What will you obtain from us?

1. Affordable rates

We cooperate with well-known shipping companies, such as COSCO, EMC, MSK, MSC, TSL, etc., and have signed freight rate agreements and booking agency agreements. We have a strong ability to take and release space, and we can meet customer orders even during peak shipping seasons for container requirements. So you will receive a competitive price with details for shipping from China to Spain without hidden fees. Customers who work with Senghor Logistics can save shipping costs 3%-5% per year!


2. Diverse services

If you have multiple suppliers and you want to save money, our consolidation service is a good choice. We have cooperative large-scale warehouses near domestic basic ports, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Tianjin, Qingdao, etc., providing collection, storage, and interior loading services to meet your diverse needs. Many customers like our consolidation service very much, which is convenient and can save money. 

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3. Comprehensive care

You will feel quite relaxed because you only need to give us your suppliers' contact information, and then we will get all the rest things ready and keep you timely updated on every small process. Leave the shipping thing to professional people like us and you just need to receive your goods in Spain!

Thank you for coming here, we sincerely want to cooperate with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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