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Transparent rates shipping from China to Vietnam sea freight service by Senghor Logistics

Transparent rates shipping from China to Vietnam sea freight service by Senghor Logistics

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From China to Vietnam, Senghor Logistics have sea freight, air freight and land transportation channels. According to your needs and budget, we will provide you with different time-limited quotations for you to choose from. We are one of the members of WCA, with abundant resources and agents who have cooperated for nearly ten years, and are more professional and fast in customs clearance and delivery. At the same time, we have signed contracts with well-known shipping companies and have first-hand freight prices. Therefore, whether your concern is service or price, we are confident that we can meet your needs.

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Hello, friend, welcome to our website!

Senghor Logistics is located in the Greater Bay Area. We have good sea freight and air freight conditions and advantages and have rich experience in handling goods shipped from China to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Our company signs contracts with shipping companies and airlines to guarantee the space and price. We can meet your needs whether it is a small quantity of cargo or large machinery and equipment. We hope to be your sincere business partner in China.

Check our strengths in the following parts.

Standardized process

Senghor Logistics has more than 10 years of industry experience, and has skilled and clear process experience in handling international shipping from China to Vietnam. We have sea, air and land transportation channels. No matter which shipping method you choose, we can arrange the shipment reasonably and deliver it to the address you specify.

In order for you to receive your goods as quickly as possible, we coordinate every step of the way in shipping.

1. According to the detailed cargo information you provide, we will give you a suitable shipment plan, quotation and shipping vessel schedule.

2. After you confirm our quotation and shipping schedule, then our company can carry out further work. Contact the corresponding supplier, and check the quantity, weight, size, etc. according to the packing list.

3. According to the goods ready date of the factory, we will book space with the shipping company. After the production of your order is completed, we will arrange a trailer to load the container.

4. During this period, we will assist you in preparing relevant customs clearance documents and providing certificate of origin issuance services. Form E (China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin) can help you enjoy tariff concessions.

5. After we finish the customs declaration in China and your container is released, you can pay us the freight.

6. After your container departs, our customer service team will follow up the whole process and keep it updated at any time to let you know the status of your cargo.

7. After the ship arrives at the port in your country, our local agent in Vietnam will be responsible for customs clearance, and then contact your warehouse to make an appointment for delivery.

Professional solution

Do you have multiple suppliers?

Do you have many packing lists?

Are your products irregular in size?

Or your goods are large machinery and you don't know how to pack them?

Or other problems that make you confused.

Please leave it to us with confidence. For the above and other problems, our professional salesmen and warehouse staff will have corresponding solutions.

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Consolidation service

When you have multiple suppliers, you do not have to be bothered. Consolidating and warehousing is one of our popular services for the past 13 years. Many customers like our consolidation service very much because it can ease their work and save their costs.

Cargo classification

For complex cargo packing lists, we will help you accurately classify, label, and that will assist you in customs clearance (Read related stories here).

Reasonable loading

For irregular products, our warehouse staff will plan the space reasonably, scientifically load and reinforce the products, and ensure that the goods in the containers remain in a fixed state during transportation.

More container choices

For oversized cargo, we have corresponding special containers for your choice, such as open-top containers, frame containers, etc.

senghor logistics shipping special container
senghor logistics shipping dangerous goods-wm

Advantage and Price

Wide shipping network

Senghor Logistics has our network in all main port cities in China. Port of loading from Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Ningbo/Shanghai/Xiamen/Tianjin/Qingdao/Hong Kong/Taiwan, etc. are available for us.

Warehouse storage

We have cooperative large-scale warehouses near domestic basic ports, providing collection, storage, and interior loading services. 

Affordable rates

We signed contract rates with shipping companies such as COSCO, EMC, MSK, MSC, TSL, offering very competitive shipping container rates with guaranteed space. Even in peak season, we can also meet your needs.

Outstanding strength

We can handle more sophisticated freight services including exhibition products freight service and air charter freight service, which are what most of our peers cannot do.

Integrity and transparency

We always make a detailed quotation list for each inquiry, without hidden charges. Or with possible charges be informed in advance.


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